Neta U Pro Review: Intelligence Is Quite Outstanding

Neta U Pro Review: Intelligence Is Quite Outstanding

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The little-known Neta car ushered in an outbreak in 2022, Neta U Pro and Neta V have achieved unprecedented success in sales, especially the Neta U Pro positioned as a compact SUV, and its ultra-high cost performance has won the favor of many consumers.

Neta U basically continues the design of the Eureka 01 concept car in appearance, while Neta U Pro is not much different from the 2020 Neta U, and the closed front face adds IME interactive breathing lights, which looks very sci-fi. The LED light group of the whole car of “Aurora Love” is equipped with the “Arctic Wings” through-type LED rear taillights, which have a very prominent visual effect and are highly recognizable. It is worth mentioning that in order to improve the endurance, the new car is also equipped with AGS active air intake grille.

In terms of body size, Neta U Pro is consistent with Neta U, with a length, width and height of 4530×1860×1628mm, and a wheelbase of 2770mm, which has obvious advantages over the same level of BYD Yuan PLUS and Aian AION Y, which is also more conducive to expanding the seating space of passengers.

The suspended roof is sporty. Its tail design is simple and capable, with rich layers. Our real shot model adopts 19-inch blade fire-to-fire alloy wheels and is equipped with horse brand tires, which are dynamic and full of vitality. The low-end version will use 18-inch cool aluminum alloy wheels.

Neta U Pro’s interior emphasizes a sense of technology, the dashboard adopts a 25-inch + 8-inch triple screen design, and a 25-inch integrated through the large screen, while the combination of 8-inch touch screen combined with physical buttons, and equipped with stepless color-changing colorful ambient lights. Among them, the interior infinitely color-changing colorful ambient lights can automatically change the light and shadow according to scenes such as music rhythm, temperature perception, door opening welcome, and driving change.

The Xiao-You intelligent robot at the top of the center console was retained. It is worth mentioning that the Xiao-You intelligent robot can capture the mood and fatigue state of the car owner through the camera, and when the owner is unhappy or tired, it can actively recommend music for you to relieve your mood, and the intelligence is very high. In addition, it can also provide functions such as finding someone service, reminder to pick up and drop off children, and finding charging points for passing places, which is very user-friendly.

The Neta U Pro we tested also has an optional version 2.0 transparent A-pillar, which can take advantage of the unique flexibility of OLED flexible screen to wrap the A-pillar and use AR enhanced display technology to make the A-pillar transparent and reduce the driving risk caused by the A-pillar blind zone.

In daily use, the vehicle can support dynamic video display within 20-90km/h, and when this speed value is exceeded, the transparent A-pillar of version 2.0 can also display navigation, weather and other information content, improving practicality, and can be used to display water flow in nap mode to create a comfortable atmosphere.

The air conditioning system is integrated in the 8-inch screen at the bottom of the center console, and the operation mode of touch and physical buttons is indeed improved. The knob shift area has been redesigned and visually more refined, but the driving mode, kinetic energy recovery and other control keys around the shift knob are slightly inconvenient to use, and there is no response to light touches, and sometimes even need to be operated several times in a row to succeed, without conventional buttons to be direct.

In terms of power, the Neta U Pro is equipped with a front-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor. Among them, the 400 and 500 models have a maximum motor power of 120kW, a peak torque of 210Nm, and a comprehensive cruising range of 400 km and 500 km respectively. The maximum power of the top 610 version of the model is 150kW, the peak torque is 310Nm, and the NEDC range has reached the class-leading 610km. The official said that its 0-100km/h acceleration is only 7 seconds, which has obvious advantages in its class.

In daily driving, the good power system of the Neta U Pro version gives it more outstanding power performance. The vehicle offers three driving modes: energy-saving, comfort and sport. In sport mode, as long as you pedal deeply, you can experience a very strong sense of acceleration, which has been confirmed in our measured acceleration results above. Of course, in daily driving, it is not a problem to merge a line or overtake a car.

In energy-saving mode, the vehicle’s power output is unhurried, but it does not give people a “soft” feeling, which can further improve the endurance. In daily driving, I personally recommend the comfort mode, the power output is stable, deep pedal can also provide a good acceleration feeling, if the kinetic energy recovery is adjusted to the lowest gear, the whole vehicle driving is basically the same as the fuel model, no need to deliberately adapt, easy to get started.

In addition, the Neta U Pro version also provides a single-pedal mode, in which the vehicle will have a more serious drag feeling after releasing the accelerator pedal, which can even replace the brakes to a large extent. It is worth mentioning that even if it is a single-pedal mode, the kinetic energy recovery of the Neta U Pro version can also support 3-level adjustment, but it gives me a subjective feeling, the difference is not much, for friends who are used to driving fuel vehicles, the comfort is indeed difficult to say excellent.

The vehicle adopts the chassis structure of the front MacPherson independent suspension with multi-link independent rear suspension, for a large space model positioned at home, the comfort orientation adjustment is appropriate, through speed bumps or unpaved sections, the vehicle can filter out most of the bumps, comfort is very good.

The steering wheel has two options, comfort and sport, and also supports linkage with driving modes, which gives me a relatively light and brisk overall feeling, which is very suitable for city driving. In high-speed conditions, the Neta U Pro version even in energy-saving mode, the power performance is reasonable, there is no excessive power limit, which is praised. Only the brake feel was a little stiff, which made me get used to it for a while.


As a comfort-oriented family new energy SUV, Neta U Pro is quite qualified, compared with these competitors, Nezha U Pro has a more comprehensive configuration, has outstanding space advantages, its maximum 610 kilometers of endurance has also reached the highest level in the same class, considering that the price of the entry-level 400 model is slightly more than 100k yuan, the cost performance is extremely outstanding.

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