Neta V Review: 14.6-inch Control Screen, 320km Range

Neta V Review: 14.6-inch Control Screen, 320km Range

Neta V is the third mass-produced model launched by Neta Automobile, positioned as a small pure electric SUV. The new model has been launched with the price range from 74.9k to 93.9k yuan. Besides having a good appearance design, the new car also has a good performance. The 14.6-inch central control screen, L2-level intelligent assisted driving, and in-car vital signs monitoring have further improved its cost performance. The current sales volume of the small pure electric SUVs reflects consumers recognition of this model. So how does it drive?

Today we experience the personalized model of Neta V, Neta V Co-loli Witch Edition. This extremely attractive color model is based on the ordinary version of Neta V. From the color setting, it will definitely be able to attract more female users. The Co-loli Witch Edition adopts an exclusive color scheme that is more pleasing to girls – cherry blossom pink. The color is lively and sweet, full of vitality.

Neta V Co-loli Witch Edition has the largest screen among the pure electric cars in the 70k yuan price range. Its 6.9-inch edgeless central control screen integrates many functions. The vehicle is also equipped with an intelligent voice system, can carry out 7 wake-free AI voice control, and provides a zero-button all-touch easy driving experience. This special edition model is priced at 72.9k yuan.

In addition to adopting a more colorful color scheme, the Neta V Witch Edition is not much different from the ordinary version. The shape is simple and unpretentious, and the overall seems to be a model suitable for all ages. The biggest change in its exterior is the redesigned 16-inch sports wheels, which are visually younger and sportier.

Neta V Witch Edition continues the data of the regular version in terms of body size, with a length, width and height of 4070/1690/1540mm and a wheelbase of 2420mm, which has no advantage over competitors in the same class, but its excellent space utilization gives a good seating space performance, and it is not a problem to meet the needs of daily commuting.

In terms of interior, the Witch Edition model maintains the overall design style of the Neta V on sale, and behind the large-sized floating vertical screen is a through-type air conditioning outlet, which further widens the visual experience. The difference is that the Witch Edition adopts an interior color scheme that is more in line with its own characteristics. Co-loli Witch Edition’s white + pink fashion colour, the warm and cute colour will definitely attract the attention of many female consumers.

The trip display adopts a very innovative flat LCD screen, creating a strong sense of technology. The central control screen integrates most of the functions of the interior, abandons the traditional physical buttons, and the screen has built-in software such as Bilibili, TikTok, navigation, multimedia, voice control, etc., and also supports remote OTA upgrades, and the whole vehicle is intelligent and technologically good.

The steering wheel has a rounded square design, white leather accents on the upper and lower sides, and multimedia control and driver assistance control buttons on both sides.

What I want to share with you here is that Neta V is also equipped with L2 automatic driving assistance, which is rear for the same pricing segment in its class.

Neta V is also equipped with a number of intelligent safety configurations beyond its class, which can realize advanced warning intelligent driving assistance, covering rear-end collision warning (FCW), traffic light recognition (TLR), pedestrian collision warning (PCW), lane departure warning (LDW) anti-deviation warning, anti-collision porcelain intelligent driving recorder (DVR) and intelligent high and low beam (HBA) and other active safety equipment. It is also equipped with an in-vehicle vital signs monitoring system. For children or pets left in the car, comprehensive reminder and protection are provided.

The leather seats with pink and white panels in the Co-loli Witch Edition are comfortable and visually outstanding. The sporty seat integrates backrest angle adjustment, height and low adjustment, and front-to-back adjustment.

It is a slight pity that the front seats are not equipped with electric adjustment functions, which is reasonable considering that its top-equipped model costs less than 100k yuan.

In terms of storage space, there is a considerable storage compartment under the center console in the front of the vehicle, and two cup holders in front of the center armrest, which can meet the needs of daily use. The interior space of the trunk of the new car is also very regular, and the rear seats also support overall reclining, which has a good expansion ability.

In terms of power, the Co-loli Witch Edition adopts the same powertrain as the long-range model, with a maximum motor power and peak torque of 55kW and 175Nm respectively, a 0-50km/h acceleration time of 4.9 seconds, and a maximum speed of more than 100km/h.

In terms of range, the Witch Edition model is equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 38.54kWh, and the NEDC range reaches 401km. The vehicle is also equipped with the self-developed H-EPT2.0 battery management system, which can maintain 95% of the power in the full working range at the optimal temperature range of 15-45 degrees Celsius, improving the vehicle’s adaptability in different climatic environments.

The Witch Edition of Neta V suspension continues the structural design of the front MacPherson + rear trailing arm. On the one hand, there are cost constraints, and on the other hand, it also leaves more room for battery packs. In addition, due to the design of the bottom of the battery pack, the center of gravity of the Neta V is lower. And the wheelbase is shorter, and the steering is more agile.

In daily driving, due to the characteristics of the motor, the start is very light and smooth, and the acceleration ability far exceeds that of fuel models of the same price. The small body also makes Neta V more comfortable when walking around the city, the U-turn is very flexible, the vision is relatively clear, and the difficulty of getting started is relatively low. With daily panoramic images, the reversing experience is also better than that of many models.

However, when the speed exceeds 70km/h, the noise inside the Neta V will increase significantly. In terms of ride comfort, the shock filtering performance is comfortable when passing through the ditch and bump, but the overall comfort is relatively average when the continuous speed bump vibrates the special section. However, it is worth noting that when cruising at high speed at 90km/h, the body is relatively stable, and there is no serious drifting or anxious driving feeling.

In the fully charged state of the vehicle, we did a battery life test on urban roads for Neta V Witch Edition, and from full charge to lying down, Neta V drove a total of 323.8km in urban roads. The endurance achievement rate reached 80.7%, this endurance is enough to meet the standard of daily family travel and charging every week.


Overall, Neta V is much more affordable than its competitors, and it has a good appearance and space performance, and the more versatile configuration ability also adds a lot to this model. In addition, the measured endurance of more than 320 kilometers is enough to meet the standard of charging every week for your daily travel. And the Co-loli Witch Edition we tested today also has a more outstanding performance in terms of personalization, such a design will undoubtedly attract more young people, will you be attracted by its new color scheme? Welcome to leave a message with me in the comment area.

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