XPeng G3 Review: Excellent Driving and High Technology Experience

XPeng G3 Review: Excellent Driving and High Technology Experience

Under the current policy and environmental background, new energy vehicles have become the most potential and promising field in the global automobile market, resulting in a large number of new car-making forces also strongly conquering the highland of mainstream traditional brand models, compared with the avant-garde sci-fi appearance, efficient energy-saving level and brain-opening technology configuration is the largest generation gap between traditional fuel vehicle brands and new car-making forces. The Xpeng G3, which we recently test-driven, is such a representative model.

The appearance is simple and the style is distinct

The interior material is decent, and the sense of technology is the main play

In fact, the fresh feeling and likability brought by the technological configuration of the Xpeng G3 are more direct and sultry than the visual performance inside and outside the car.

As far as the current car use scenario is concerned, the freshness and interest of this configuration seem to be greater than the practicality, but it is certain that when the domestic autonomous driving technology is gradually systematized, the roof camera of the Xpeng G3 will have a greater role.

Not long ago, Xpeng G3 opened and pushed more personalized intelligent functions, including open dashcam, face recognition ID login, new remote parking, oblique parking assist, ATC adaptive curve cruise, sentry mode, etc. The “Hello Little P” AI voice assistant adds the ability to monitor driving range and PM2.5, and proactively provide intelligent suggestions.

Meditation mode and sentinel mode are also two more interesting experiences, in which the main driver’s seat position, in-car music, and air conditioning are automatically switched to preset values and all windows are closed when activated via screen or voice, bringing the most relaxing atmosphere in the car. When the vehicle is shaken due to external forces (such as scratching, collision, traction, smashing windows, etc.), the sentry mode will notify the user through the Xpeng APP push message.

From another level, many technological configurations are still practical, and can save users a lot of worry in terms of functional control in the car, parking assistance and vehicle safety.

Excellent driving experience and a maximum range of 365 km

As a pure electric SUV, Xpeng G3 can surprise us in terms of driving experience after driving, which is beyond imagination before the test drive.


For the Xpeng G3, the fresh technology highlights are interesting and practical, the driving texture is also unexpectedly excellent, and the sense of grade of interior materials exceeds our expectations for models of the same price and class, which are extremely distinctive advantages. In addition, the intelligent human-car interaction experience in the car is also very good, which can make the occupants in the car more convenient to operate and use. Coupled with the price of less than 200k yuan (27,800USD) after subsidies, the market performance of Xpeng G3 will have a more obvious positive effect.

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